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Illegal baby names!

Illegal baby names!

So you think nothing can stop you from giving your baby that perfect baby name? Think again. You may have an Illegal baby name.

By the editorial staff

Illegal baby names!

So you've endlessly searched for baby boy names and finally found the fit for your upcoming arrival. Since you love Mark Twain novels, you've decided to name your baby boy 'HuckleBerry.' You're done, right??? Well, not if live in Germany. All German baby names must be approved by the German Standesamt, also known as the 'Office of Vital Statistics.' And your name HuckleBerry is going to be rejected!

German law mandates a baby name must reflect the sex of the child, and not endanger the well being of the child. Once a baby name is chosen, the expectant parents must register the name with the Standesamt. The Standesamt relies on a guide book which translates to 'the international manual of the first names'. The manual is referenced for making decisions on whether a baby name is acceptable. If additional information is needed, a German official will research the name which may necessitate calling a foreign embassy for additional information.

If the Standesamt rejects a proposed baby name, German parents may file an appeal. Should the parents lose the appeal, they will have to submit a different baby name. Since there is a fee for each name registration, having a baby name rejected will cost you additional Euros.

The Standesamt's website lists recent baby names decisions which went through the appeal process. The name 'Matti' was recently rejected as a baby boy name because the name did not clearly identify the gender. The name 'Calotta' was recently rejected because it was similar to the French word 'Calotte' which means cap. But the Standesamt ruled the names 'Legolas' and 'Nemo' were acceptible baby boy names.

German baby names tend to be quite traditional in nature, and this may well be due to the process in which Germans must choose a baby's name. The top 5 German baby boy names are Maximilian, Alexander, Leon, Paul, and Lucas. The top 5 German girl names are Marie, Sophie, Maria, Anna, and Lea.

And now back to the name 'HuckleBerry'. The Standesamt's website states they 'were surprised by the HuckleBerry application.' The name was considered 'a strange thing', and besides, HuckleBerry was considered an outsider in Mark Twain's novels. It is for these reasons the Standesamt rejected this name!

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