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Palindromic baby names

Palindromic baby names

Palindromes are spelled the same backward and forward - WOW!

By Terry Kaiser Borning

Palindromic baby names

Palindromic names have been around since the beginning of time! The first woman on the planet was none other than EVE! Perhaps when Adam first saw his earthly companion, he kindly greeted her with 'MADAM, I´M ADAM'.

Many of the nicknames for people in your family are also palindromes: MOM, DAD, SIS, POP, MUM.

Lest you think palindromic names just plain silliness, consider some of the most popular names given to babies these days. In 2004, HANNAH was the 5th most popular girls name (according to Social Security Administration data). Also ranking high were ANNA (#20), AVA (#25), ANA (#140), ELLE (#493), EVE (#614) and ADA (#865). ASA (#674) was the only palindromic given name to rank in the top 1000 for boys, but Robert (often shortened as BOB) ranked #36. You might know a BOB or two, right?

Following is a list of all palindromic names in our names database:

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