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'Capital city' baby boy names

'Capital city' baby boy names

YeahBaby's list of capital cities that would make great baby boy names.

By the editorial staff

Are you hoping your little one will one day have the high honor of being elected to a public office? We suggest giving him a head start by naming him after a capital city. YeahBaby HQ has been busy spanning the globe to create this list of capital city names baby names ideal for your little boy.

  • Kingston - We looked down in the Caribbean to the island of Jamaica for our first baby boy name. Kingston is a distinctive and smart-sounding name perfect for a future scholar.
  • Wellington - Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand is another smart sounding name. Kingston and Wellington sound like scholars or authors.
  • Santiago - Santiago, Chile's capital city, is a great baby name which would spawn off many great nicknames.
  • Jose - Costa Rica's government is headquartered in San Jose, a great name for Spanish or non-Spanish babies.
  • Berlin - Its quite uncommon, but it shouldn't be. Germany's capital Berlin makes a great baby boy name.
  • Washington - We end our international names back in the U.S., where Washington makes a perfect name for a guture diplomat.

But don't overlook these U.S. states which have a offer great capital city baby names for a boy.

  • Jackson - Its our favorite name, so we'll list it first. Jackson is the capital of Mississippi.
  • Austin - Its not a cowboy name, but Texas offers us the name Austin. This is also one of our favorites.
  • Montgomery - The capital city of Alabama is a timeless baby name.
  • Paul - Paul is one of the more popular baby names in the U.S. It makes the list because St. Paul is the capital of Minnesota.
  • Jefferson - Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri, makes a great choice even for those outside the 'Show Me' state.
  • Carson - Nevada's capital makes a great baby boy name.
  • Lincoln - Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska, and is worth considering.
  • Salem - How about Salem, the capital of Oregon.
  • Pierre - Are you looking for a French twist for your baby name? Pierre is the capital of South Dakota.
  • Trenton - Not a common name, but New Jersey's capital makes the list.
  • Richmond - Its the capital of Virginia. If your expecting a boy/girl twins, you could name them Richmond and Virginia! Let us know if you do and we'll feature you on

So there you have it,'s guide to great 'capital city' baby boy names. Give your future leader the head start he needs with one of these great baby names!

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