Celebrity triplets

Celebrity triplets

For these 5 celebrities, picking baby names was three times the fun. YeahBaby.com has compiled this list of celebrity triplets.

By the YeahBaby.com editorial staff

Celebrity triplets

It's always big news when a celebrity announces their baby's name. But a celebrity having triplets causes three times the commotion. This actor, sports star, politician, astoronaut and author became instant baby naming experts when they named their three babies.

Richard Thomas is one of the most distinguished actors of our time. Thomas has appeared in over 70 movies and winning multiple awards for his acting and directing. He also deserves an award for his picking great names for his triplet girls. He chose Barbara Ayala, Gweneth Gonzales and Pilar Alma.

Few baseball players rival the hitting prowess of Luis Gonzalez. This 4 time all star has hit over well over 300 homeruns. Luis also hit 3 homeruns when he chose the names Jacob, Megan, and Alyssa for his triplets.

John Engler is one of the US's longest tenured politicians. He began his political career at the ripe age of 22 and went on to become the Governor of Michigan for 12 years. During his tenure he reduced crime, created jobs, and found baby names for his triplet girls! He did a wonderful job by choosing the names Margaret Rose, Hannah Michelle and Madeleine Jenny. John can count on these three voters for his next election.

As a Nasa astronaut, Carlos Noriega is accustomed to docking his space shuttle with the Mir space station. So its not surprising when he chose these 'out of this world' baby names for his celebrity triplets. His future space explorers are named Robert, Rudy and Elizabeth.

Famed author Feenie Ziner has written books on historical and fictional topics. After giving birth to her triplets, she authored the book 'A Full House' about being the instant mother of three. Feenie even mentions the perils of finding baby names for triplets. She chose the names Eric, Ted and Amie.

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Celebrity triplets

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