Celebrity baby girl names to avoid

Celebrity baby girl names to avoid

You'll definately want to avoid these celebrity names when naming your baby girl!

By the YeahBaby.com editorial staff

Celebrity baby girl names to avoid

You may want to think twice before naming your baby girl after a celebrity. Some celebrity names may not destine your little angel to a life of glitz, glamour, red carpets and VIP lists. Some celebrities can become so synonomous with there first name, there names become ones which should be avoided as baby names. YeahBaby.com lists some baby girl names to avoid:

Cher - There is a lot to like about the baby name Cher. The name is short, sweet, a little catchy, and it rolls off the tongue. But naming your baby Cher will conjure up thoughts of the pop Diva and not your little one. And a baby Cher would lead a life of Sonny Bono jokes. Yikes!

Whoopi - The baby name Whoopi is an uncommon baby name but one worth contemplating if not for Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi Goldberg is uncommonly distinctive, which would become a big obstacle for your little girl when trying to carve out her own identity. We suggest you pass on the baby name Whoopi.

Roseanne - It takes a special person to take an average name and make it a 'One Name' celebrity name. Roseanne Barr has done just that. Unfortunately, Roseanne has damaged this name for quite some time.

Evita - Though Evita Perón passed away in 1952, she become a 'One Name' celebrity name for the ages. The recent musical by the same name has helped keep the name Evita tightly wound with this former first lady of Argentina. You may want to pass on this baby girl name.

Hillary - Hillary Clinton has slowly started to make the baby name Hillary a name to avoid. For every Hillary supporter there is one disliking the former first lady. A presidential run would give even more reason to avoid this name. name.

Madonna - Though not a common first name for a girl, we strongly suggest passing on the name Madonna as a baby girl name. The name can only conjure up images of the self professed material girl.

Oprah -- Don't get us wrong - we love Oprah Winfrey. But we can't endorse naming a baby Oprah. Anyone hearing the name Oprah will immediately think of the talk show magnate. Perhaps consider the name Oprah as a middle name!

Celine If it weren't for Celine Dion, the baby name Celine would be ideal for any little girl. Its classy and sophisticated, yet uniquely feminine. But the never-ending success of Celine Dion ensures your little girl would be overshadowed by her namesake.

Enya - Add yet another singer to this list of celebrity baby girl names to avoid. The magic and melody of Ireland's Enya has touched people from all walks of life. However, naming your baby girl Enya seems too flagrant an attempt to capitalize on the namesake's gift of music.

Shania - Think of the name Shania and one immediately thinks of the sassy and spunky country music diva. Unfortunately, anyone hearing a baby girl named Shania will also think of the country music star. Its a great name, but we'd suggest finding another.

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