Celebrity baby boy names to avoid

Celebrity baby boy names to avoid

Some celebrities become so synonymous with their name, their names become ones you'll want to avoid naming your baby. Here's a list of celebrity baby boy names to avoid.

By the YeahBaby.com editorial staff

Celebrity baby boy names to avoid

Many expectant parents may be tempted to name their baby boy after a celebrity. Movie stars, rock stars, and sports heroes are common namesakes. But there are cases when a celebrity becomes too synonymous with their first name and they become 'One Name' celebrities. The names of 'One Name' celebrities become baby names to avoid, making it difficult for your little one to dissassociate from their notable namesake. YeahBaby.com has compiled this list of 'One Name' celebrity baby boy names to avoid.

Elvis - Hearing the name Elvis instantly hearkens one back to the world's most famous rock star. And for that same reason, the name Elvis is one to avoid. Look elsewhere!

Prince - Though Prince is not a common baby name, there is no shortage of people considering this name for their future little rock star. But this baby name is firmly cemented to the first musician to go by this moniker. We suggest passing on this name.

Fabio - Hah! One can't hear the name Fabio without thinking of the heart throb that adorns so many romance novels. Though this great name rolls gently off the tongue, your are advised to keep looking. Your son would hate being named Fabio.

Geraldo - Geraldo Rivera has never been an A-list star, but mentioning the name can only conjure up the image of the mustached journalist. It will be hard for your baby to compete with this Geraldo.

Bono - The fan base for this Irish rocker grows larger every year. Even the more reason to avoid this name for your little boy.

Arsenio - He's been out of the spotlight for many years, but the baby name Arsenio can only indicate Arsenio Hall. Keep looking!

Jesus - No matter how you pronounce this name, from the traditional pronunciation to the Spanish HAY-soos, Jesus is a name you may want to avoid. But gentiles need not worry, YeahBaby.com has plenty of other great biblical baby names.

Yanni - His enchanting music can be heard the world over. This also means a boy named Yanni would be teased no matter where in the world he may travel. That's a humbling thought.

Adolph - Adolph Hitler did unspeakable damage to the world during his reign, and the stigma still lives with stigma associated to the baby name Adolph. Though a common name throughout history, the name still does not rank in the U.S. top 1000 in popularity. Stay away from this name.

Regis - We can't get enough of Regis Philbin. He's a talk show host, game show host, actor, singer, and much more. Naming your baby boy Regis would doom your baby boy to a lifetime of kidding by strangers.

Roscoe - Roscoe P. Coltrane laid claim to this name while starring as a character on the Dukes of Hazzard.

Homer - Doh! This Simpsons patriarch will always be a first recollection when they hear this name.

Sinbad - The namesake comedian remains famous enough to be the only person associated to this baby name.

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