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Baby names for a Southern Belle

Baby names for a Southern Belle

There's something about a Southern Belles. Belles have grace, charm and always a great southern style baby name. Let YeahBaby help you find a great baby girl name for a Southern Belle.

By the editorial staff

Baby names for a Southern Belle

Mentioning Southern Belles conjure up visions of parasols, tiered dresses and magnolia trees. Becoming a Southern Belle is a lifetime of work, working on social graces and paying constant attention to manners. Give your Belle-to-be a headstart with these great girl names from southern place names.

Harken back to the true age of Southern Belles with these names from "Gone With The Wind."

Of course many Southern Belle names can be created by taking your favorite name and adding any of these second names. You'll create classic Bells names like Betty Lou, Lisa Marie and Barbara Ann.

YeahBaby researched the girl names most popular in today's southeastern United States. These names were taken from Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. These names adorn the new generation of Southern Belles!

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