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Creating double names for a baby girl

Creating double names for a baby girl

Having a double name can be twice as fun for a little girl. Double names are cute, but parents must know the ropes on creating these double names.

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Creating double names for a baby girl

Giving your baby girl a single first name is not enough for some parents! Some cultures are more inclined to use double names for girls and many others use double names because they make a cute baby girl name!

Double names are created by combining two first names commonly used for girls. The second name is most commonly one of the following names:

  • Ann - for example: Barbara Ann)
  • Anne - (Leigh Anne)
  • Beth - (Mary Beth)
  • Jean - (Gloria Jean)
  • Jo - (Betty Jo)
  • Kay - (Mary Kay)
  • Lee - (Kathy Lee)
  • Lynn - (Carol Lynn)
  • Lou - (Betty Lou)
  • Mae - (Brenda Mae)
  • Marie - (Laura Marie)
  • Rae - (Gloria Rae)
  • Sue - (Brenda Sue)

Some names are more commonly used as the first name in a double name. These names include:

But even today's hippest names can be used to create a double name. Try any of these girl names on for size!

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