Tropical island baby boy names

Tropical island baby boy names

These tropical and exotic islands would make great baby boy names for your little beachcomber.

By the editorial staff

Tropical island baby boy names

Many baby namers will choose a name with a meaning. So why not choose a boy name from a tropical or exotic island. Your lil swimmer will know his name personifies all that is good about island life - relaxing, exotic and serene. And your tot will have the additional benefit of having a vacation destination for later in life!

Here are YeahBaby's favorite 'Tropical Island baby boy names' for one of today's boys.

  • Alexander - Alexander (Antarctic Islands)
  • Brock - Brock (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Cooper - Cooper (United Kingdom - British Virgin Islands)
  • Devon - Devon (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Grant - Grant (Antarctic Islands)
  • Harrison - West Harrison (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Kent - North Kent (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Lincoln - Lincoln (China/Vietnam)
  • Marshall - Marshall Islands
  • Thomas - St Thomas (United States - Virgin Islands)

These island names would also make a great boy name.

  • Baker - Baker (United States - Howland and Baker)
  • Benjamin - Benjamin (Chile)
  • Campbell - Campbell (New Zealand - Campbell Island)
  • Charles - Prince Charles (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Dean - Dean (Antarctic Islands)
  • Dustin - Dustin (Antarctic Islands)
  • Ellis - Ellis Island (New Jersey)
  • Graham - Graham (Canada - British Columbia)
  • Hearst - Hearst (Antarctic Islands)
  • Lennox - Lennox (Chile)
  • Matthew - Matthew (France - Hunter, Matthew & Walpole Is.)
  • Paul - Saint-Paul (France - French Southern Terr. - St Paul)
  • Prescott - Prescott (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Robinson - Robinson Crusoe (Chile - Juan Fernandez)
  • Ross - Ross (Antarctic Islands)
  • Sherman - Sherman (Antarctic Islands)
  • Trevor - Rice Trevor (Chile)
  • Wellington - Wellington (Chile)

There are no shortage of additional great island baby names. Here's the list...

  • Ambrosio - San Ambrosio (Chile - Islas Desventurados)
  • Andres - San Andres (Colombia - Colombian Islands)
  • Art - Art (France - New Caledonia)
  • Axel - Axel Heiberg (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Barthelemy - St Barthelemy (France - St Martin and St Barthelemy)
  • Burke - Burke (Antarctic Islands)
  • Byron - Byron (Chile)
  • Calvert - Calvert (Canada - British Columbia)
  • Carlos - Carlos (Chile)
  • Carney - Carney (Antarctic Islands)
  • Charlton - Charlton (Canada - Ontario)
  • Christian - King Christian (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Clarence - Clarence (Chile)
  • Denis - Denis (Seychelles)
  • Dirk - Dirk Hartog (Australia - Western Australia)
  • Duke - Duke (United States - Alaska)
  • Edward - Prince Edward (South Africa - Prince Edward Islands)
  • Ellef - Ellef Ringnes (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Eustatius - St Eustatius (Netherlands - Netherlands Antilles)
  • Ewing - Ewing (Antarctic Islands)
  • Felix - San Felix (Chile - Islas Desventurados)
  • Fergusson - Fergusson (Papua New Guinea - d'Entrecasteaux Is.)
  • Fernando - Fernando de Noronha (Brazil - Fernando de Noronha)
  • Flint - Flint (Kiribati - Line Islands)
  • Frederik - Crown Prince Frederik (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Garcia - Diego Garcia (United Kingdom - Chagos Archipelago BIOT)
  • Gil - Gil (Canada - British Columbia)
  • Gilford - Gilford (Canada - British Columbia)
  • Gordon - Gordon (Chile)
  • Griffith - Griffith (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Hawkins - Hawkins (United States - Alaska)
  • Henderson - Henderson (United Kingdom - Pitcairn - Henderson Is)
  • Herbert - Herbert (Denmark - Greenland)
  • James - James (Chile)
  • Jarvis - Jarvis (United States - Jarvis)
  • Javier - Javier (Chile)
  • Jens - Jens Munk (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Johnson - Johnson (Chile)
  • Johnston - Johnston (United States - Johnston Island)
  • Jose - San Jose (Mexico - Baja California Sur)
  • Juan - Juan Stuven (Chile)
  • Knight - Knight (United States - Alaska)
  • Lawrence - St Lawrence (United States - Alaska)
  • Leopold - Prince Leopold (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Lewis - Lewis (United Kingdom)
  • Livingston - Livingston (Antarctic Islands)
  • Luis - Sao Luis, Ilha de (Brazil - Maranhao State)
  • Malcolm - Malcolm (Canada - British Columbia)
  • Manual - Manual Rodriguez (Chile)
  • Martin - Martin Vas, Ihlas (Brazil - I. da Trindade)
  • Masson - Masson (Antarctic Islands)
  • Matty - Matty (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Miguel - San Miguel (Panama)
  • Milos - Milos (Greece)
  • Nelson - Nelson (Antarctic Islands)
  • Nicholas - San Nicholas (United States - California)
  • Norman - Normanby (Papua New Guinea - d'Entrecasteaux Is.)
  • Patrick - Prince Patrick (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Pedro - Sao Pedro e Sao Paulo, Penedos de (Brazil)
  • Peter - Peter (United Kingdom - British Virgin Islands)
  • Phillip - Phillip (Australia - Norfolk Island)
  • Pierre - St Pierre (France - St Pierre and Miquelon)
  • Powell - Powell (Antarctic Islands)
  • Rico - Puerto Rico (United States - Puerto Rico)
  • Robert - Robert (Antarctic Islands)
  • Robertson - Robertson (Antarctic Islands)
  • Roderick - Roderick (Canada - British Columbia)
  • Romano - Cayo Romano (Cuba)
  • Roosevelt - Roosevelt (Antarctic Islands)
  • Russell - Russell (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Sal - Sal (Cape Verde Islands)
  • Salisbury - Salisbury (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Salomon - Salomon (United Kingdom - Chagos Archipelago BIOT)
  • Simpson - Simpson (Chile)
  • Smith - Smith (Antarctic Islands)
  • Stewart - Stewart (Chile)
  • Stuart - Stuart (United States - Alaska)
  • Thurston - Thurston (Antarctic Islands)
  • Tristan - Tristan da Cunha (United Kingdom - Tristan da Cunha)
  • Turk - Grand Turk (United Kingdom - Turks and Caicos Is.)
  • Vicente - Sao Vicente (Cape Verde Islands)
  • Vidal - Vidal (Chile)
  • Vincent - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • William - King William (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Woody - Woody (China/Vietnam)

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