Tropical island baby girl names

Tropical island baby girl names

YeahBaby compiled this list of tropical and exotic islands, each with a name perfect for your baby girl!

By the editorial staff

Tropical island baby girl names

You're looking hard trying to find the perfect name for your little girl. Why not look to the tropics and oceans for your tot's name? Name her after any of these tropical or exotic islands. They all make a great baby name! And your daughter will grow up knowing she was named for an exotic and peaceful place. Heck, she might even visit the place some day!

YeahBaby thought these 10 islands made the best 'tropical island baby girl names.'

  • Annette - Annette (United States - Alaska)
  • Cameron - Cameron (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Dawson - Dawson (Chile)
  • Georgia - South Georgia (United Kingdom - Falkland- South Georgia)
  • Isabel - Santa Isabel (Solomon Islands)
  • Karla - Karla-Aleksandra (Russian Federation)
  • Laurie - Laurie (Antarctic Islands)
  • Mackenzie - Mackenzie King (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Maria - Maria (France - French Polynesia - Tuamotu Is.)
  • Sable - Sable (Canada - Nova Scotia)

These girl names made our second set of great island baby girl names. Which one do you prefer?

  • Anne - St Anne (Seychelles)
  • Barbara - Santa Barbara (United States - California)
  • Carmen - Carmen (Mexico - Baja California Sur)
  • Caroline - Caroline (Kiribati - Line Islands)
  • Catarina - Santa Catarina, Ilha de (Brazil - Santa Catarina State)
  • Coco - Great Coco (Myanmar [Burma])
  • Ginger - Ginger (United Kingdom - British Virgin Islands)
  • Hunter - Hunter (France - Hunter, Matthew & Walpole Is.)
  • Isabela - Isabela (Ecuador - Galapagos Islands)
  • Jenny - Jenny Lind (Canada - Northwest Territories)
  • Marion - Marion (South Africa - Prince Edward Islands)
  • Martha - Martha's Vineyard (United States - Massachusetts)
  • Rose - Rose Atoll (United States - American Samoa)
  • Salina - Salina (Italy)
  • Shannon - Shannon (Denmark - Greenland)
  • Teresa - Teresa (Chile)
  • Vanna - Vanna (Norway)

There are no shortage of great 'tropical island baby girl names.' Your lil bikini wearer would love any of these baby girl names!

  • Adelaide - Adelaide (Antarctic Islands)
  • Ari - Ari (Maldives)
  • Augustine - Augustine (United States - Alaska)
  • Bennetta - Bennetta (Russian Federation)
  • Catalina - Santa Catalina (Mexico - Baja California Sur)
  • Christmas - Christmas (Australia - Christmas Island)
  • Dagmar - Prinsesse Dagmar (Denmark - Greenland)
  • Easter - Easter (Chile - Easter Island)
  • Elba - Elba (Italy)
  • Esmerelda - Esmeralda (Chile)
  • Esther - Esther (United States - Alaska)
  • Fernandina - Fernandina (Ecuador - Galapagos Islands)
  • Flores - Flores (Canada - British Columbia)
  • Guadalupe - Guadalupe (Mexico - Guadelupe)
  • Helen - Helen (Palau)
  • Inez - Santa Inez (Chile)
  • Jan - Jan Mayen (Norway - Svalbard and Jan Mayen)
  • Lanai - Lanai (United States - Hawaii)
  • Lucia - St Lucia (St Lucia)
  • Lulu - Lulu (United States - Alaska)
  • Magdalena - Magdalena (Mexico - Baja California Sur)
  • Margarita - Santa Margarita (Mexico - Baja California Sur)
  • Martinique - Martinique (France - Martinique)
  • Maya - Maya (Indonesia - Kalimantan)
  • Nora - Nora (Ethiopia)
  • Palma - La Palma (Spain - Canary Islands)
  • Pearl - Pearl and Hermes Reef (United States - Hawaii)
  • Penny - Penny (Canada - British Columbia)
  • Rona - North Rona (United Kingdom)
  • Rosa - Santa Rosa (United States - California)
  • Sabine - Sabine (Denmark - Greenland)
  • Snow - Snow (Antarctic Islands)
  • Thyra - Prinsesse Thyra (Denmark - Greenland)
  • Trinity - Trinity (Antarctic Islands)
  • Unga - Unga (United States - Alaska)
  • Vega - Vega (Antarctic Islands)
  • Victoria - Victoria (Chile)
  • Winter - Winter (Canada - Northwest Territories)

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