Great names for baby punks

Great names for baby punks

Will your baby be born to rock? Consider naming your new boy or girl after these legends of punk rock.

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Great names for baby punks

You know your baby will be born to rock. So kickstart their chart climbing ability by naming your boy or girl after any of these punk legends.

Punk rock baby boy names
Let your blessed boy be a tribute to any of these founders of punk rock.

  • Brian Eno - producer for the 'Talking Heads'
  • Bruce Gilbert - guitar for 'Wire'
  • Chris Frantz - original drummer for the 'Talking Heads'
  • Clem Burke - drummer for Blondie
  • Colin Newman - vocals and guitar for 'Wire'
  • David Byrne - lead singer of the 'Talking Heads'
  • Dick - Lead singer of 'Handsome Dick Manitoba and Company'
  • Douglas Colvin - known as Dee Dee Ramone of 'The Ramones'
  • Elvis Ramone - played two gigs with 'The Ramones'
  • Graham Lewis - bassist for 'Wire'
  • Howard Devoto - helped form the 'Buzzcocks' group
  • Jack Stafford - known as guitarist Jak Airport of 'X-Ray Spex'
  • Jeff Magnum - member of 'The Dead Boys'
  • Jeffrey Hyman - known as Joey Ramone of 'The Ramones'
  • Joe Strummer - vocals for 'The Clash'
  • John Cummings - known as Johnny Ramone of 'The Ramones'
  • Johnny Ramone - stage name used by 'The Ramones'
  • Keith Levene - one time member of 'The Clash'
  • Lee Ving - one of the founders of punk
  • Malcolm McLaren - created punk fashion
  • Marc Bell - known as Marky Ramone of 'The Ramones'
  • Mick Jones - lead guitar for 'The Clash'
  • Nick Sheppard - one time member of 'The Clash'
  • Paul Dean - bass player for 'X-Ray Spex'
  • Pete Howard - one time member of 'The Clash'
  • Richard Hell - from the group 'The Heart Breakers'
  • Richie Ramone - stage name used by 'The Ramones'
  • Rob Harper - one time member of 'The Clash'
  • Robert Gotobed - part of the band 'Wire'
  • Thomas Erdelyi - known as Tommy Ramone of 'The Ramones'
  • Tommy Ramone - stage name used by 'The Ramones'
  • Vince White - one time member of 'The Clash'

Punk rock baby girl names
There are plenty of great 'punk rock baby girl names'. Any baby girl would 'rock on' with these great names.

  • Chrissie Hynde - originally fronted 'The Damned'
  • Christine Ellen Hynde - original name of Chrissie Hynde.
  • Debbie Harry - lead singer for Blondie
  • Dee Dee Ramone - stage name used by 'The Ramones'
  • Jerry Harrison - member of the 'Talking Heads'
  • Marianne Elliot - known as singer Poly Styrene of 'X-Ray Spex'
  • Nile Rogers - performed the punk song 'Kookoo'
  • Susan Whitby - known as Lora Logic, saxophonist for 'X-Ray Spex'
  • Terry Chimes - one time member of 'The Clash'
  • Tina Weymouth - original bassist for the 'Talking Heads'

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