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Combining baby names

Combining baby names

Warning- this baby naming tip isn't for everyone, but if you're stuck in your baby naming journey, consider this idea.

By the editorial staff

Combining baby names

The baby naming idea:
So you've been hemming and hawing for weeks trying to decide between two great baby names. Perhaps you like the traditional sound of Janelle but your partner is stuck on the creative-sounding Della.
Well parents, we have good news! Combing two favorite baby names can result in some totally unique ideas. If you're adventurous parents, try out this method for yourself.
For girls:

  • Vanessa + Lisette = Vannette
  • Jessica + Faye = Jessaye
  • Sara + Laura = Lara

For boys:
  • Cody + Harper = Carper
  • Nathan + Shane = Nash
  • Joshua + Hosiah = Joziah
  • Templeton + Brok = Tearok

Try it out for yourselves. You're bound to come up with some flubs, but in the process you could find something worth considering!

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