Popular gender neutral baby names

Popular gender neutral baby names

A list of baby names making the Top 1000 names for boys and girls!

By the YeahBaby.com editorial staff

Popular gender neutral baby names

Some names are popular for boys and girls. We took a list at the latest lists of the 1000 most popular baby names for boys and girls to see what names made both lists. The results are in and YeahBaby.com now presents this list of popular gender neutral baby names.

  • Addison -Much more popular for girls than boys.
  • Alex -Alex just barely makes it on the top 1000 for girls, but is a top 100 boys name.
  • Alexis -A really popular name for both genders.
  • Ali -This name skyrocketed in popularity because of the prize-fighting namesake.
  • Amari -Makes the top 500 for both boys and girls.
  • Angel -A popular Latin name for boys, and a heavenly name for girls.
  • Ariel -Simply a great name, especially for girls.
  • Ashton -Another name affected by celebrity induced baby naming popularity.
  • Avery -Label this one a great name for either gender.
  • Bailey -Simply a great name for a girl, and not bad for a boy either!
  • Cameron -Used a lot, but more for a boy than a girl.
  • Campbell -Just barely making the top 1000 for either gender.
  • Carson -Cool name for girl, even better for a boy.
  • Casey -An alltime favorite.
  • Chase -Much less common for a girl.
  • Christian -A biblical baby name makes the list.
  • Dakota -This old west name is hip again.
  • Devin -Devin and its alternate spelling are popular.
  • Devon -A popular African American baby name.
  • Devyn -The less popular form of Devin.
  • Dominique -It makes the list year after year after year.
  • Drew -The girls name just barely creeps into the top 1000.
  • Dylan -A top 20 most popular baby boys name.
  • Emerson -It surprises us so many girls are named Emerson.
  • Guadalupe -A popular latin name for either sex.
  • Harley -This name revs up the charts.
  • Hayden -You can't go wrong with this baby name.
  • Hunter -This occupational baby boy names makes the list.
  • Jaden -The 2nd most popular alternate spelling of Jaden.
  • Jadyn -Yet a 4th version of the name Jaden. Now that's a lot of babies!
  • Jaiden -The 3rd most popular version of Jaden.
  • Jaidyn -The least common version of the name Jaden to make this list.

  • Jaime -A less popular spelling of Jaime, but still popular.
  • Jamie -This is a much used name.
  • Jayden -5 versions of Jaden makes the list. This is the only version more popular for boys.
  • Jaylen -A jammin name for many posh tots.
  • Jaylin -More frequently used for guys than gals.
  • Jessie -Almost the same amount of usage for either sex.
  • Jordan -This version of the name is much more popular for boys.
  • Jordyn -And this version is much more popular for girls.
  • Justice -A top 500 name for either gender.
  • Kasey -And the other spelling of Kasey also makes this list.
  • Kayden -Yet another name that ends in -aden. We think this is a little overused.
  • Kendall -The name of a fine wine, and it makes a great baby name.
  • Kennedy -A much better name for a baby girl than guy.
  • Logan -A cool name for any baby.
  • London -London also makes the capital city baby girl names list.
  • Madison -One of the most popular baby girl names, and a couple boys get in on the action.
  • Micah -A top 200 name for boys
  • Morgan -An awesome name. Itís a reason to have kids.
  • Parker -This old English name makes the list.
  • Payton -We love Payton as a girl's name.
  • Peyton -And also this spelling of Payton.
  • Phoenix -Phoenix is actually falling, and not rising up the charts.
  • Quinn -We find it hard to believe but this name makes the list with many babies to spare.
  • Reagan -A conservative name, if you know what we mean.
  • Reese -Celebrities help this name climb the charts.
  • Reilly -Just popular enough to make the top 1000 - for boys and girls.
  • Riley -By far the most popular spelling of this name.
  • Rowan -A popular name in the British commonwealth, but also catching on in the states.
  • Ryan -There are a whole lot of baby boys named Ryan out there, and also quite a few girls.
  • Rylee -Kind of a cool name. What do you think?
  • Sage -You don't have to be an old Sage to like this baby name.
  • Shannon -We knew this would be on the list, but it's far less popular than we thought.
  • Shea -Perhaps this is a popular name in New York?
  • Sidney -A hip name for a girl, a little old fashioned for a boy.
  • Skylar -The popular spelling of Skylar for girls.
  • Skyler -The more popular spelling of Skylar for boys.
  • Taylor -Here's another occupational baby boy names .
  • Teagan -Who would have thought Teagan would have made the list?
  • Tyler -And last but not least, we have the name Tyler. We like it more for a girl than a guy, but it is far more common for boys.

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